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Track List

1 - Popcorn Behavior ( Jay Ungar - Swinging Door Music, BMI )

2 - Blue Bonnets Over the Border/Ditte's Friend ( trad./Michael G. Rose - BMI )

3 - Taímse ím Chodladh (traditional)

4 - After Aughrim's Great Disaster (trad.)

5 - March of the Meeatoiteen Bull/John MacNeal ( trad./ trad. )

6 - Cowboy's Jig / Rohan ( trad./Jennifer Wrigley MCPS & PCS )

7 - The Bittern / The Piper's Beast ( Jason Twamley/Michael G. Rose - BMI )

8 - Crazy Man Michael ( Richard Thompson & Dave Swarbrick, Warlock Music Ltd - BMI )

9 - The Butterfly/Waterman's ( trad./Michael McGoldrick - MCPS )

10 - Flax in Bloom/Stormy Weather ( trad./trad. )

11 - A Surprise for Anne ( Michael G. Rose - BMI )

12 - Blantyre Explosion (trad.)

13 - Ja Va Lidijgn Horra / The Ghost's Welcome / Brendan McGlinchey's ( trad./trad./Brendan McGlinchey )

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Liner Notes
At Bartof

MUSICAL SPARKS by Morten Alfred Høirup

Performing in a duo can be a tremendous and almost overwhelming experience for musicians, and the rewards of the intense collaboration can prove addicting. There is nowhere to hide in a duo, it is a form which provides a unique set of challenges and inspiration. In the musical conversation one musician takes a small step forward to tell a part of a story and then steps back to give space and support for the other's response. At its best there is a mutual dynamic and inspirational cooperation. As a duo musician you can be sure that your partner, inspired by what you have just offered on stage, is stimulated to follow with a reply from his or her heart. A duo can also react instantly to their audience, forming a uniquely personal relationship with them. There is simply nothing so exciting and spellbinding as a dynamic, lively and mutually inspired duo.

Fromseier Rose is precisely this kind of duo. Ditte Fromseier Mortensen, the young fiddler from the Danish island of Bornholm, comes from a classical background and, inspired by her great love for Irish music, has immersed herself in the Celtic music tradition. The American pianist Michael G. Rose grew up in Boston, where the wonderful dance music from his native New England left its mark on his playing. Michael has also gathered inspiration from the worlds of American and European jazz and Latin music. The two musicians met in Denmark at a late night jam session at the Copenhagen Irish Festival in the autumn of 2001 and there was an instant spark of energy and empathy between them. They formed their musical collaboration and are now ready with their first CD, Contradiction. Listen to it, enjoy it, play it for your friends - and then, for the full experience, go out and see Fromseier Rose live .

Production Credits

Niamh Parsons sings on tracks 4, 8 and 12.

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Baile Productions, Vaerløse Denmark, Spring 2003

Engineered by Mads Vinding

Cover Art by Hanne Bartholin

Graphic Layout by Karen Balle

Photograph of Fromseier Rose by John Eley

Photograph of Niamh Parsons by Jens Th.